Hot water boiler / gas-fired / for healthcare facilities Innovation 1350 AERCO International

Hot water boiler / gas-fired / for healthcare facilities Innovation 1350 AERCO International
Innovation 1350

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Once again, AERCO leads the way in commercial water heating technology with the introduction of Innovation, its newest line of premium water heaters. Featuring a tankless design, advanced condensing & modulating technology, and a scale-resistant heat exchanger, Innovation delivers performance and economic advantages to any system. • Up to 99% efficiency • +/-4° temperature control, thanks feed-forward sensing and unmatched turndown • High reliability • Small footprint due to its tankless design • Reduced standby and cycling losses • Low NOx Efficiencies up to 99% The AERCO Innovation Water Heater utilizes state-of-the-art technology to easily meet highly diverse, demanding commercial and industrial hot water requirements in a compact and reliable condensing design. The durable, high efficient, helical firetube heat exchanger is time tested to be impervious to thermal stress for an extended life. The all stainless steel construction maximizes longevity in the condensing application and the corrugated tubes increase effective heat transfer surface area for optimal thermal efficiencies up to 99%. Enhanced waterside flow distribution maintains constant minimum velocities across the heat exchanger; this keeps solids in suspension and greatly reduces scale dropout to maintain high-efficiency performance and long life.
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