Rotary microtome cryostat / portable STARLET Bright Instrument

Rotary microtome cryostat / portable STARLET Bright Instrument

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Not since cryostats were invented has there been such a small, portable yet convenient instrument. Featuring many design concepts developed from our continuous research programme, the Starlet cryostat is available in a choice of either handwheel or lever operation.

In addition to standard voltages, the Starlet is available as a battery operated 12V DC version ensuring that this cryostat really is one of the most versatile possible. The size of the Starlet makes it ideal as a back-up instrument or for use in laboratories where space is at a premium.

Fully portable, it can be transported with ease from laboratory to laboratory and is a must for use in the 'field' - the possibilities are endless. If frozen sectioning is infrequent and a full-sized, full-priced cryostat cannot be justified, the Starlet does the job and fits any budget.

Inexpensive and reliable the Starlet - ideal where space and funds are limited - really is unique amongst cryostats. Small, inexpensive and portable - a battery version is available for use 'in the field.

  • Thermostatically controlled temperature in the range ambient to -30ºC with digital display
  • Choice of handwheel or lever operated microtome
  • Uses disposable blades and incorporates the Easi-Set anti-roll plate
  • Cuts excellent sections just like a full sized cryostat

Compressor Type    
1 x 3.86cc displacement

Ozone friendly HFC refrigerants

Cooling Power    
125 watt at -30°c

Lowest Set Temperature    
Ambient to -30°c with automatic programmable defrost with manual override and digital display. Detachable quick freezer bar to -40°c with digital display

ABS Polymer and Stelvetite Polymer coated steel, scratch, solvent and detergent resistant

Cutting stroke : 30mm
Maximum Specimen Size : 22mm diameter
Total Feed Range : 10mm
Knife Holder: Magnacut blade holder with long-life disposable blades and integral anti-roll system
Object holders : 22mm
Specimen Orientation : Adjustable tilt angle 0-12°
Section thickness range : 2-12um in 2um increments (4-24um optional)

H315 x D740 x W465mm (minimum) or W546mm (max)

Sovereign Park, Laporte Way, Units 1-3
Luton, Bedfordshire
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