Rotary Microtome Cryostat OTF 5000

Rotary Microtome Cryostat OTF 5000
OTF 5000

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Based on the long-established and reliable OTF/AS cryostat, the new OTF5000 brings the extensive range of Bright cryostats completely up to date.

New styling coupled with improved user ergonomics, the latest blade systems in the ever-reliable and powerful 5040 microtome, a huge choice of options plus money-saving package deals make these cryostats absolutely unique.

They are suitable for an endless range of applications and, in the correct configuration, are capable of cutting a wide diversity of specimens from undecalcified bone to brain, resins, plastics and plant tissue, as well as more usual soft tissue.

Allowing full anti-roll plate adjustment for perfect results coupled with long lasting temperature stability, the OTF5000 can truly be described as complete.

Special features

  • New contoured top for added operator comfort and usability
  • Suitable for research and clinical operation
  • 2 money-saving special packages available
  • Uses solid knives or disposable blades including new lever release
  • Feather blade holder
  • Available in 2 different working heights
  • Automatic evaporator defrost supplied as standard
  • Non-urgent functions on side panel
  • Long list of options and accessories
  • Contains tried and tested 5040 rotary microtome

OTF5000 - Base Model    
Cryochamber    Polished Stainless steel construction  
Quick Freezer    9 position, running at 10° below chamber temperature (ultra low temperature -80°c version can be factory fitted at extra cost)
Minimum Chamber Temperature    Single compressor -35°c  
Compressor Type    1 x 15cc displacement, 2 x 15cc displacement (for /EC or /LT options   
Refrigerant    Ozone friendly HFC refrigerants  
Cooling Power    150 watt at -35°c, 300 watt at -40°c (for /EC or /LT options)
Lowest Set Temperature    Ambient to -35°c with automatic defrost. Lower temperature options are available to -40°c (/EC0 and ambient to -45°c (/LT)
Shelves    3 Internal, 1 External
Chamber Temperature Control    Microprocessor with LED display
Evaporator Defrost    Automatic with analogue clock
Cutting System    Manual with balanced handwheel
Microtome     5040 rotary microtome with beryllium hinges
Section Range    0.5 to 30um in 0.5um increments
Maximum Head Advance    5.6mm   
Maximum Knife Block Adjustment    44mm (coarse control)   
Knife Angle Adustment    25°
Window Surrounds    Heated
Window Demist System    Fan driven, automatic
Surface Finishes    Easy clean, scratch and solvent resistant, flame retardant
Defrost Clock    Analogue with battery back-up 
Non Urgent Controls    Side Mounted  
Normal Working Height    990mm  
Dimensions    With Hand Wheel : H130 x D90 x W81cms  - Without Hand Wheel : H130 x D90 x W73cms


OTF5000 - Low Spec Model
As base model but with:    
Object Orientation    Fine with +/-8° oin horizontal and vertical axes, 360° rotation
Motorised Advance/Rewind     2 Speed, 116um/s and  164um/s with auto reset
Specimen Temperature Control    Fast reacting from -5°c to minimum chamber temperature microprocessor controlled with LED display
Dimensions    With Hand Wheel : H130 x D90 x W81cms  - Without Hand Wheel : H130 x D90 x W73cms
OTF5000 - High Spec Model        
As low spec model but with:    
Section Counter        6 digit LCD display
Dual Refrigeration    Twin compressors automatically switched with fail-safe feature, -40°c chamber temperature (LT system availableto go to-45°c) NOTE : Ultra low temperature -80°c quick freezer cannot be fitted to HS models
Motor Drive    Features cutting window to accommodate differences in specimen size, infinitely variable speed control in cutting window, slow speed version available for cutting hard materials, footswitch operation available
Dimensions    With Hand Wheel : H130 x D90 x W89cms  - Without Hand Wheel : H130 x D90 x W80cms

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Luton, Bedfordshire
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