Hospital door / sliding / automatic / glass QTDM OWNIC

Hospital door / sliding / automatic / glass QTDM OWNIC

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PRODUCT FEATURES 1) Track rail is made of Al alloy,rational and reliable transimission structure,long operating lifespan of 1 million time. 2) The door is made of high-strangh glass with stainless steel doorframe,which meets the demands of monitoring patients and keeping the enviroments tidy and clean. 3) The door moves stable and could be used with reflection infrared sensors,foot sensorss,code opener,manual control,ect.. 4) Applicable to the Intensive Care Units,advanced wards,laboratories and other places that requite and peaceful environment, or corridor of clean operating room that isolate the infected air outside and keep the surgery from any disturbing.
  • Material:glass
  • Type:automatic, sliding
  • Medical establishment:hospital