Hospital door / folding / stainless steel / aluminum ZDM OWNIC

Hospital door / folding / stainless steel / aluminum ZDM OWNIC

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Our operating system adopts microcomputer chip to intelligent control of the door, and together with the worm geared DC brushless motor, it has the advantages of long operating lifespan, low noise, powerful dynamic supply, apprehending and responding to the operating instruction, safe and security for use. The door is made of Al alloy housing and Polyurethane foam inside. Door plate can be aluminum alloy or stainless steel, with window in the middle of the door. The surface is coated with powder and different colors available for choice. Along with the head rail track and each edge of the door there are rubber seal strips to meet the sanitary requirements of hospitals, nurse stations and clean workshops, etc. It could be made of large glasses inlay the Al alloy doorframe to capture more daylight and enhance the brightness of the space. Various connections with optional accessories are accepted: Infrared sensor/microwave sensor, entrance security system, etc. Applicable to the limited spaces like corridor, gallery or so to enable the freely pass and increase the space utilization.
  • Type:folding
  • Material:stainless steel, aluminum
  • Medical establishment:hospital