Hospital bed mattress / anti-decubitus / foam MA Biomatrix

Hospital bed mattress / anti-decubitus / foam MA Biomatrix

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The mattress is divided into two parts: The support structure, the rigid borders, are constructed in high density expanded polyurethane, capacity (kg 40/m3) for better support all of the patient’s movements. The internal surface is divided into three removable sections, permitting a perfect assent of the mattress on to the articulated beds and facilitating sanitizing by operators, as well as the replacement of any damaged parts, therefore reducing maintenance costs. The mattress is built without any glued parts, and the support structure comprehend in three different sections, which are supported from the interior. The mattress was created for hospitals, recovery rooms, rest homes and rehabilitation centres. anatomically conforms to the patient’s body, better distributing pressure and increasing the support surface; it is easy to install and can be sterilized at 134° in an autoclave. Material: Support structure: Expanded polyurethane 40 kg/m3 Internal sections: Visco-elastic polyurethane 80 kg/m3 Fire resistance class: Class 1/M Warranty: 2 years (excluding the parts under wear and tear).
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