Hospital bed mattress / anti-decubitus / foam LE 002.el Biomatrix

Hospital bed mattress / anti-decubitus / foam LE 002.el Biomatrix
LE 002.el

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The slipcover is realized in bio-elastic breathable micro-porous polyurethane, and is waterproof, antibacterial, sanitized and supported by a layer stitch of jersey. Fireproof Class 1/M, machine washable at 98° with neutral PH detergent and in autoclave at 134°. This soft and smooth material adapts perfectly to the shape of the mattress, minimizing friction and the cutting forces usually responsible for most cases of lesions. This special material allows the patient’s perspiration, therefore avoiding cutaneous maceration. This action is possible through a very thin layer that contains millions of pores per square centimetre, each of which is thousands of times smaller than a drop of water, permitting air to filter towards the skin while urine and other liquids are contained in a way that does not stain the bed linens. The antibacterial, antistatic and antimcotic characteristics prevent the formation of an unhealthy microenvironment between the skin and the cover. Material: bio-elastic breathable micro-porous polyurethane. Fire resistance class: Class 1/M - Authorized by the Ministery of the Interior
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