Homecare bed / electrical / 4 sections 90 cm Guldmann

Homecare bed / electrical / 4 sections 90 cm Guldmann
90 cm

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Care bed with 2-4 motors with detachable wooden head/foot board. The bed is prepared for steel bed guards. The Guldmann care bed is the result of a completely new way of bed construction, which fully meets the demands of a modern care bed in institutions, nursing homes and home care. Flexibility, user comfort, easy operation and quality are keywords for our care bed. The bed is available with 2, 3 or 4 motors and with or without battery back-up. All motors can easily be mounted on the bed. The bed board is divided into 4 sections. The back piece, which can be infinitely adjusted and arches backwards, is also fitted with a mechanical emergency lowering device. The handle for conversion from a 4 to a 2-section bed board can be activated both by the user and the carer. Easy to get in and out The bed can be made sufficiently low to help the user getting in and out. There are no uncomfortable brackets or clamps on the bed frame. The bed guards are mounted on top of the bed frame, which reduces the width of the bed. Flexibility Short or long, high or low, 2 or 4-section bed board, manual or electric. Guldmann care beds can be adjusted to meet the needs of most users. Safety Meets the current EU standards - tested by the Danish Centre for Technical Aids and CE -labelled.
  • Operation:electrical
  • Number of sections:4 sections
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