HF electrosurgical unit with touchscreen 333 KHz | Spectrum EMED

HF electrosurgical unit with touchscreen 333 KHz | Spectrum EMED
333 KHz | Spectrum

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Spectrum is a state-of-the-art electrosurgical system that automatically adapts to the users needs. Our goal was to create an electrosurgical unit that requires no complicated set-up prior to surgery and is ready for operation immediately after instrument connection. Owing to the solutions used in spectrum, the user does not need to control power settings. The spectrum system itself ensures that the output settings are maintained so as to obtain the desired result, regardless of the surgical conditions result oriented performance. For over 15 years we have specialised in the production of the highest quality electrosurgical diathermies. Our experience and continually evolving technology have enabled us to set new trends in electrosurgery. Through active cooperation with our Customers we have created spectrum the first electrosurgical system which adapts to different surgical procedures so that each surgical intervention is as effective as possible. Spectrum of opportunities and a single goal, which is full support of the surgeon in the operating room.
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