Cysto-resectoscope endoscope / rigid EMED

Cysto-resectoscope endoscope / rigid EMED

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Universal resectoscope system. One instrument which enables the use of monopolar and bipolar technology. This allows versatile use in urology and gynecology operations: resection of the prostate, resection of lesions in the bladder and uterus. Specialized modes of operations Spectrum system offers highly specialized cutting and coagulation modes for monopolar and bipolar resection. Automatic power regulation guarantees easy start and control of electric arc. The automatic of cutting and coagulation processes ensures that the output settings are maintained so as to obtain the desired and repeatable effect of work, regardless of the surgical conditions. One instrument many possibilities.
  • Type of endoscope:cysto-resectoscope
  • Shaft:rigid
Ryzowa 69A,
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