Hemodynamic monitor LiDCOrapidv2 LiDCO

Hemodynamic monitor LiDCOrapidv2 LiDCO

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LiDCOrapidv2 with Unity software is the newest member of LiDCO's collection of hemodynamic monitoring devices. It is used to monitor consciousness as well as drug and fluid management in surgery patients that are high-risk. Also, new parameters have been added: continuous non invasive blood pressure (CNAPTM) and level of consciousness (BISTM). The LiDCOrapidv2 Unity device provides a comprehensive hemodynamic monitoring solution and monitors a wider range of surgical patients depending on the patient's risk profile. One device can monitor the patient's level of consciousness and blood flow, resulting in precise titration of fluids and anesthesia. Furthermore, it is easier to maintain blood flow near the targets. The device helps practitioners avoid hypotensive emergencies, low blood flow, and lack of oxygen in the body.
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