Hemodynamic data analysis software / medical LiDCOview LiDCO

Hemodynamic data analysis software / medical LiDCOview LiDCO

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LiDCO LiDCO known for it's historical LiDCOplus hemodynamic data runs on a standard Window PC.LiDCOview is the data provider for both clinical researcher as well as routine user to view beat-to-beat hemodynamic data that are collected with LiDCOplus. LiDCOviewSE the standard version of the toll is available for free , It allows everyone to download and access the necessary details from LiDCOplus.It also has professional version named LiDCOviewPRO which allows users to analyse or export the report to LiDCOplus data. Prior to purchase there is a free trial of LiDCOviewPRO which is available for evaluation purpose.
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