Hematology automatic sample preparation system Erytra® Grifols International,

Hematology automatic sample preparation system Erytra® Grifols International,

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Erytra® is a fully automated instrument with a high processing capacity for performing pre-transfusion compatibility tests using the gel agglutination technique. Erytra® combines Grifols' experience and technology with the advantages of the unique Grifols DG Gel® 8-column cards. Erytra® is a walk-away autoanalyzer with self-organizing capacity that manages and executes all the necessary steps when performing blood typing techniques and investigation of unexpected antibodies: Positive identification of samples and reagents Maintenance of globular suspensions Dilution of samples Dispensing of samples and reagents Incubation and centrifugation of DG Gel® cards Reading and interpretation of results Report generation High loading capacity Up to 400 DG Gel® cards. 3200 tests Maximum capacity: 96 samples, 54 reagents Optimization of space: random positioning of samples and reagents Easy loading of cards: directly from the packaging racks Continuous working Full continuous loading with no interruptions 4 hours non-stop, stand-alone use Double entry spaces. 2 drawers for reagents, 4 drawers for samples and 4 drawers for cards Fully optimized work time Practical organization of the workload Synchronized management of programmed techniques
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