Blood grouping analyzer WADiana® 8XT Grifols International,

Blood grouping analyzer WADiana® 8XT Grifols International,
WADiana® 8XT

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Grifols presents WADiana® 8XT, an advanced software version of the classic WADiana® Compact that combines Grifols technology in pre-transfusion testing with the advantages of the unique DG Gel® 8-column cards. WADiana® 8XT is a fully automated walk-away instrument designed and manufactured by Grifols to process DG Gel® cards in the different techniques of blood typing and pre-transfusion compatibility testing. The instrument performs the following processes: Positive identification of samples and reagents Dilution of samples at a dedicated dilution station Re-suspension of RBC reagents by individual vial spinning Dispensing of samples and reagents through direct card piercing Incubation of DG Gel® cards in two independent configurable blocks (25ºC, 37ºC) Centrifuging of DG Gel® cards Reading of results by CCD camera Digitalization and interpretation of results Reporting of results using configurable WEX templates Bidirectional data transmission to the hospital central computer (LIS)
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