Healthcare facility wall light AUXILIA LDG ATENA LUX

Healthcare facility wall light AUXILIA LDG ATENA LUX

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AUXILIA modular system is characterized by high versatility that allows to locate, according to the circumstances, the three modules which constitute it and give a large choice of modular solutions. All channels are realized in extruded aluminium (60/60T6 alloy), oxidized anodically and with natural matt surface. The system is equipped with lateral closing heads. It can be supplied in single-block version until a maximum length of 6400 mm (one, two, three or four beds) and with controls on the right or left of the patient. Its design is characterized by rounded shape, connected elements and total absence of horizontal planes: this helps cleaning operations and guarantees safety in case of accidental impacts. Each channel has a groove along the lower part of the body: it allows the sliding of a supporting hook for a suspended keyboard, for drip feed or other loads. The ATENA LUX philosophy for Auxilia is the customization. As we are manufacturers we are able to provide any layout designed for clinics. To study the layout and the technical description, please contact our technical office to realize the custom-fit bed-head for your structure. STRUCTURAL CHARACTERISTICS L channel (lighting) Extruded aluminium profile, composed of a single-block structure with upper inclined surface in order to orientate the luminous flux and avoid the dust settling. It assures the lighting function and sockets for electrical distribution and communication can be applied on its body. The luminous sources and the components are located on strong painted reflectors, fixed by screws to the structural profile.
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