Ceiling-mounted lighting / recessed / for healthcare facilities TAURUS ATENA LUX

Ceiling-mounted lighting / recessed / for healthcare facilities TAURUS ATENA LUX

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Direct light recessed light fitting, suitable for installation on modular panels of false ceilings with exposed or hidden structure.BODY: sheet-steel body (6/10) painted with white (RAL 9003) epoxy powders thermosetting at 180°C, with degreasing, phosphatization and washing treatment. The apparatus is equipped with inside gaskets and guarantees the total protection against dust and water jets either in the optical hollow or in the recessed part, so it is particularly indicated to be used in chemical laboratories, hospital rooms and operating theatre. The light fitting must be fixed through hanging system (not included). OPTICAL GROUP: IP65 plane optics, fit in an anti-finger marks silver grey frame made of extruded aluminium (60/60T5 alloy), available in the following versions: PPD prismatic polycarbonate, POL opal polycarbonate and VZG knurled tempered glass. For all environments that require a low luminance, versions with transparent glass and darklight lamellar optics, in (VTR+DL90) matt aluminium and (VTR+DL99) antiridescent polished aluminium are available on request. The external frame is fixed by stainless steel screws. WIRING: feeding 230V/50Hz with rigid cable (section: 0,50 mmq) and PVC-HT sheathing resistant at 90°C according to CEI 20-20 directives. Terminal board 2P+T with maximum wire section allowed 2,5 mmq. Polycarbonate lamp holder and phosphorous bronze contacts. Insulation class I. It is suitable to be installed on normally inflammable surfaces.
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