Healthcare facility lighting Levit Glamox Luxo

Healthcare facility lighting Levit Glamox Luxo

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The free-standing luminaire Levit combines energy efficient features with excellent light output and good design. This is a fun and functional product with unique light distribution, providing a totally new lighting experience in office environments. Several different versions There are several different models available. All are dimmable, with 40/60 or 20/80 light distribution. Some of the light is transmitted sideways through a thick acrylic plate, providing a pleasing effects. Levit is available in grey, black or white, with single or double head. It comes with 2 energy-efficient 28W compact fluorescent lamps. A 2x80W version is also available. Levit can be equipped with sensors for further energy saving measures. Available with asymmetric LED modules! A completely new feature is the optional addition of two 4W LED modules at the front end of the light head, providing an asymmetric spot or task light function. The combination of the efficient 28 W compact fluorescent tubes and the high-power LEDs means that Levit provides the most energy-efficient work surface illumination.
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