Ceiling-mounted lighting / for healthcare facilities Modul Micro Glamox Luxo

Ceiling-mounted lighting / for healthcare facilities Modul Micro Glamox Luxo
Modul Micro

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Modul Micro is a series of recessed luminaires that are completely flush with the ceiling. One could say that they are “invisible”. Still they provide excellent light output, and an impression of light coming straight through the ceiling. The result is very impressive indeed! Unique glare reduction qualities The unique composition of the high quallity microprismatic material greatly reduces luminance and glare. As a reflector we use a newly developed white reflection film named Whiteoptics™ that has some extreme reflection properties. On demand we can add a new innovative diffusing lens material to put behind the MP diffuser. The material Dur-iFlex™ gives an optimum evenness and have a transmission >93%. The unique glare reduction qualities of our microsprismatic optics offer maximum flexibility with regard to the positioning of work stations. In an open plan office it is possible to move work stations around, without risking disturbing reflections in computer screens. Modul Micro is available for both 600 and 300 modular ceiling and can also be mounted in a concealed ceiling. Items are named Modul-R300 and Modul-R600. Housing in white powder coated steel. Diffuser frame in white finished steel or natural anodised aluminium. Dimming is optional. Modul Micro can be supplied with quick connection and brackets for concealed profile or plaster ceiling mounting. A large family of recessed luminaires Modul Micro is part of a design concept that includes a wide variety of recessed Modul luminaires of different sizes, with a number of different optics.
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