Healthcare facility dishwasher JLA

Healthcare facility dishwasher JLA

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Robust thermal disinfection for care & healthcare organisations that need the ultimate in infection control We understand that eradicating cross-infection in your kitchen is as important to you as speed, convenience and versatility. Specially designed to meet guidelines set by the Department of Health and the National Health Service, our WRAS-approved Spirit TD thermal tank dishwashers provide enhanced cross contamination by thermally disinfecting while also giving you the option of intensive performance you need to get through 36-864 plates per hour. Packing commercial power and reliability into domestic sizes, our thermal dishwashers are ideal for ward end use as well as installation in any healthcare environment with easy-to-use controls and a range of programme durations offering everything from quick 1 minute washes to decontamination and complete peace of mind in as little as 13 minutes. NHS guidelines for ward end dishwashing stipulate a cycle should maintain 65°C for 10 minutes or 77°C-82°C for 2 minutes. Whichever of these benchmarks you opt to adhere to, theres a Spirit TD model to meet any interpretation of key guidelines - and cope with the rigours of daily use.
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