Healthcare facility clothes dryer JLA SMART JLA

Healthcare facility clothes dryer JLA SMART JLA

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Save up to 30% on utility bills in capacities from 16-54kg with a more compact 9kg version and stackable options providing the SMART thinking where space is at a premium. JLA's innovative SMART Dry range is set to save businesses up to 30% on their utility bills, by making the drying process 18% quicker on a typical load... What makes SMART dryers so smart? Air is both pre-heated as it passes over the dryers stove and heated again in the flame chamber itself. This 2-phase heating cuts the time it takes for air to reach optimum drying temperature and in turn reduces the energy needed to do so. Eco-flow then allows optimum contact time to reduce the duration of a dry, while Vari-spin automatically slows down the cycle as the load dries to prevent balling, roping and tangling and ensure a 10-to-4 drop for optimum performance. SMART machines are also programmed to know how long a load will take to dry, with enhanced heat exchange through auto-dry achieving the perfect time-at-temperature balance. This maximises the Kgs dried p/hr resulting in maximum performance and evaporation rates. Together with our latest commercial washers range, these dryers sit under the SMART Technology banner, which allows us to offering unrivalled efficiency right across the laundry room. Coin-op models are also available for communal areas or retail businesses.
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