Hand-held veterinary ultrasound system ISCAN DRAMINSKI

Hand-held veterinary ultrasound system ISCAN DRAMINSKI

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A portable, fully digital ultrasound scanner with linear rectal probe. A reliable device for accurate diagnosis of, for instance, full breeding of cows and mares, tendons and horses equine eye ball, etc. Why should you have DRAMI?SKI iScan? Excellent image quality A fully digital imaging technology has been used (B, B+B) to help in professional and fast imaging of: - full breeding of cows and mares, - tendons and horses equine eye ball, - pathological mammary gland, - objective assessment of condition of milk cows, - other examinations conducted with the use of ultrasound technology, e.g. breeding in other animal species (fish, snakes, alpaca, camels) Small, light and mobile By observing the physicians performing field work, we developed a design that involves: - small weight of the device, which allows for long-term work in hard conditions, - ultra-compact size to help examine without the assistance of other persons, - very efficient and easy-to-replace external battery assures non-stop operation. Extremely durable In the work of every physician devices need to be resistant to extremely harsh conditions. Therefore, the iScan ultrasound scanner: - has a duraluminum, very strong casing, - is fully resistant to water and other pollutants and can be washed under running water High functionality - an excellent LCD display with LED backlight, with a very wide viewing angle, - a sun visor that enables the user to work even in full sun - storage of ultrasound images and video loops (Cine loop) in the devices memory, - transmission of saved images and cine loop to a computer via USB2.0
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