Hand-held spirometer Micro Diary CareFusion

Hand-held spirometer Micro Diary CareFusion
Micro Diary

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Micro diary is a handheld electronic data capture spirometer and records electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO). The Micro Diary spirometer is a compact and fully portable data recording spirometer specifically designed for patient spirometry monitoring at home. The Micro Diary can record PEF, FEV1, FVC or FEV6 and loop data along with symptom score, event and medication questions for clinical research. All results are time/date stamped before being saved into the large non-volatile memory. The universal keypad and easy-to-read screen ensure ease of use by all subjects. The device is configured by you with an easy-to-use PC application via the efficient USB connection. This software allows you to specify what you want to measure and record from the spirometry tests before creating questions and defining answers. After use you can upload the results before viewing and producing reports. With unrestricted protocol creation and re-programmable devices, this makes the Micro Diary an extremely cost-effective solution for clinical trials.
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