Hand-held cryosurgery unit CS 1 Special Medical Technology

Hand-held cryosurgery unit CS 1 Special Medical Technology
CS 1

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Cryospray CS 1 is a small - handy nonelectric cryosurgical apparatus designed for dermatology, dermatosurgery and other medical branches with these features: One hand operation - leaves one hand free to manipulate lesion or adjacent skin Insant pressure - no wait to pressure built-up Easely portable - light - weight Wide fill opening - easy filling with the coolant All stainless steel thermos - safe, no rust Special safe and regulation valve system - other control unnecessary Vacuum insulation - very efficacious Time saving, quick, economical, safe For whole-day work - filling with liquid nitrogen is necessary only once a day Posibility to locate a stream of nitrogen into very small area of the tissue by 3 dimensions of precise jets - only necessary destructed tissue. Posibility to use the contact tips for contact method of cryalization.
Prague 6
Czech Republic
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