Biopsy punch Special Medical Technology

Biopsy punch Special Medical Technology
Special Medical Technology

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We can offer the circular scalpels that are convenient for the biopsies, destruction of pathological growths, and other applications in dermatology, as well as in other medical branches. The circular scalpels are supplied in sterile packaging. The plastic handle is resistant up to temperature 150°C. The common diameters of supplied scalpels are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm. A curette is a spoon-shaped surgical instrument for removing small pathological growths, which is serviceable above all for dermatologists. This instrument is often used instead of spoon for the comfortable intervention of a high standard. A curette consists of a very sharp circular blade that is moulded in the plastic anti-slime handle. The curettes are supplied, just as the circular scalpels, in the sterile packaging. The common diameters of supplied curettes are 4 and 7 mm.
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