Hand external cosmetic prosthesis Long Sleeve Centri Fillauer

Hand external cosmetic prosthesis Long Sleeve Centri Fillauer
Long Sleeve Centri

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Centri's Passive Hands are designed for men, women and children who put a premium on natural, realistic appearance and desire a complete body image. Our hands feature flexible fingers, durable lightweight construction and are available in 18 colors. We also offer custom hand painting to make our prosthetic hands natural looking and specific to the skin tone and colorization of each patient. Features & Benefits Centri´s unique surface of micro-coating gives low friction against clothes, resists marks and can be cleaned easily Available in 18 colors Soft foam passive hands Standard internal thread M12 x 1,5 mm Passive hands have positionable flexible fingers Reinforced hands have wired fingers attached to the wrist area Super-reinforced hands have steel bars in the fingers that attach to the wrist area Hard PVC are a lightweight, cosmetically finished shell that slips over the residual limb and does not require a glove
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