Glycated hemoglobin analyzer Quo-Test EKF Diagnostics

Glycated hemoglobin analyzer Quo-Test EKF Diagnostics

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The Quo-Test uses a patented technology for the purpose of measuring glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) from a finger prick or 4ul sample. Thanks to fluorescence quenching, sample results are made available within four minutes. The results are reported in DCCT and IFCC standards. JDS and Mono S reporting are also available. Although the machine can store up to 7,000 results, there is still an option for users to save the data on a PC as text files via USB. The optional printer connects to the serial port. Step by step instructions are shown on a multi-lingual display; this keeps training time to a minimum. As a result, laboratory workers and nurses will have more time to spend on other tasks.
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United Kingdom
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