Blood ketone meter STAT-Site® M ?-HB EKF Diagnostics

Blood ketone meter STAT-Site® M ?-HB EKF Diagnostics
STAT-Site® M ?-HB

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As a quick overview, STAT-SITE M B-HB is composed of test strips for dry-reagents as well as the reflectance photometer. The results derived from this tool can help in the detection and diagnosis of ketoacidosis. It computes the quantitative amount of B-Hydroxybutyrate present in the plasma or in the serum. The machine is very reliable in terms of differentiating different levels of metabolic acidosis at the same time help monitor the response of the patient to the therapy being administered. With the machine, the detection has become earlier, resolution has become quicker and with less waiting time for the patients. You can get the result as quickly as 80 seconds. There will be no more waiting time for the processing of the plasma and serum samples. To date, quantitative B-HB is the early and best indication of ketosis and with the help of the STAT-SITE M B-HB, one can immediately resolve ketoacidosis.
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