Glove box isolator SGS 20 standard ITECO SR.L.

Glove box isolator SGS 20 standard ITECO SR.L.
SGS 20 standard

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The table glove box is necessary in any research laboratory to provide protection for the operators when manipulating chemiotherapy products, drugs, powders,..... The table version is very pratical, simple and cheap and has been designed to guarantee safe conditions during "routine" works in laboratories and industry. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION -monolithic structure constructed by acrylic and transparent material -front wall tilted with two glove flanges and natural latex gloves, long type, double o-ring gasket -right wall with air-lock of ext.dia. mm 186 and mm 280 long, with two pvc doors (one inside the, box and one outside), one current passage with plug and pin, one fluids passage; -left wall with one hinged door with opening mm 300x400 H with gasket, handle and quick closing system with clamps -top wall with one pressure gauge, absolute filtering system, pvc ball valve and ventilator 220/240 Vac -electric panel with general switch, current passage switch, fan switch, timer for the replacement programmed of the absolute filter with alarm and reset,timer programmed for maintenance and box tight test with alarm and reset -Dimensions mm 900 x 650 x 750 h -Weight kg. 30 approx. -The box is supplied with hand book, tested with strict application of the rules regarding manipulations of dangerous products alpha tight) and free of leaks -delivery within 3/4 weeks AVAILABLE ALSO WITH 4 FLANGES AND 4 GLOVES Dimensions box mm 1400 x 650 x 750 H OPTIONAL FITTINGS: -arrangement for inert gas use -installation of equipment for the control of humidity, oxygen and process gas -installation of further equipment (current passages, fluid/gas passages, etc.)
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