Glove box isolator ITECO SR.L.

Glove box isolator ITECO SR.L.

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The GLOVE BOXES guarantee total protection for the operator or for the “product” during the manipulations that are carried out inside it; They are classified as BIOLOGICAL HOODS of CLASS III (according to UNI EN 12469 regulations) because they have TOTAL HERMETIC SEAL. The field of application of this equipment is wide and concerns different sectors such as SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH in general, PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH, PHARMACEUTICAL AND RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTION*, NUCLEAR MEDICINE, PRODUCTION OF LITHIUM BATTERIES, MONTAGE OF COMPONENTS FOR THE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY, WELDING OF TITANIUM SUPERALLOYS, TREATMENT OF RADIOACTIVE WASTE, and so on. The features, the fittings and the materials used depend mainly on the danger level of the treated product, on the type of product protection, on the operator’s protection and on the manipulations that will be carried out inside it. Design and production by specific request of the user, according to regulations GMP (FDA), IQ-OQ validation. According to standard ISO UNI 10644-7 e 10648-2 as T.U.V. conformity attached and EEC-GMP (Good manufacturing Practice) PHARMACY ISOLATORS for pharmaceutical compounding sterile preparations (ISO 3 - ISO 5) SHIELDED ISOLATORS (SHIELDED GLOVE BOX)for NUCLEAR PHARMACY - NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND RESEARCH
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