Gas chromatography system / compact GC112A Angstrom Advanced Inc.

Gas chromatography system / compact GC112A Angstrom Advanced Inc.

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Brand-new microcomputer temperature control system of world advanced control technology. High accuracy of temperature control (optimum: ±0.05°C), high reliability and anti-interference. User control and operating parameters (including for detectors) are set up by the keyboard. Self-diagnosis system, power-fail protection, file storage and call, limited temperature setting. Accurate display of setting and actual value of temperature control of each path, bridge current of TCD, sensitivity of FID, retention and analysis time. Four paths of independent control sections: column oven, sample injector, detector and thermal conductive pond. 5-ramp programmed temperature rising control system. Auto-drop of temperature of column oven (auto-opening the door behind the oven) to a fast cooling. Dual FID provided with options of GC112 A-TCD, GC112A-ECD, GC 112 A-FPD and GC112A-NPD, gas sampling valve, transformation oven, absorber and pyrolysis absorber available for selection. Two detectors can be installed at the same time with high sensitivity.It takes a very short time to stabilize and it's very easy to clean and install the nozzle.
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