Full-field digital mammography unit Madis Radmir

Full-field digital mammography unit Madis Radmir

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The Madis X-Ray system is designed utilizing the latest research and technology in the field of mammography. With this unit, you will better be able to screen patients for breast disease using an array of screening and diagnostic processes. This includes digital imaging that can be viewed on a screen as well as printed out for closer study. Added equipment and supplies like photo labs, chemical agents and X-ray film are all unnecessary with this comprehensive unit. For better efficiency, this system further includes an X-ray stand and added work space. This unit operates using an AC network (220V, 50Hz). In exposure mode, this unit can function either automatically or manually. Because of digital imaging, higher quality images are produced due to features like filtering, zoom option, rotation and contrast correction. This system is able to communicate with the internet thus allowing pictures to be sent through e-mail. Pictures can also be recorded and archived for future analysis.