Fraction collector for liquid chromatography prepFC™ Gilson

Fraction collector for liquid chromatography prepFC™ Gilson

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Gilson’s prepFC™ Fraction Collector is a large capacity in a compact footprint fraction collector ideal for semi-preparative to preparative applications. The instrument features an adjustable tray to accommodate various test tubes heights as well as 500 mL and one liter bottles for large volume collection. Can accommodate two Code 200, four Code 20 or one Code 90 Series Rack(s). The capability of the Code 90 Series Racks allows for collection into vessels as large as one liter, a distinct advantage over funnels in that it does not promote contamination issues that can come with collecting into the same funnels and funnel tubes. Small footprint with large capacity (w)19.8” x (d) 15.4” x (h) 13.7”, and able to fit into almost any size fume hood. Four adjustable height settings for the pan location which allows for tube heights up to 200 mm, which optimizes fraction collection by enabling closer configuration of dispensing probe to the tube top.
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