Foot prosthesis (lower extremity) / dynamic / adult Senator® Freedom Innovations

Foot prosthesis (lower extremity) / dynamic / adult Senator® Freedom Innovations

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The Senator Prosthetic Foot boasts an economical and lightweight design and returns energy. Its composite engineering feature aligns with the Freedom Series line of products. It reaches the requirements for low and moderately active K3 level amputees who want a prosthetic foot that will enable them to move at various speeds. It will also enable them to take part in activities such as golfing, hiking, bicycling and even light jogging. This durable, lightweight prosthetic foot is user friendly. It boasts an elegant but simple design and has a significant return on energy, providing a smooth gait while doing so. It offers a stable base of support throughout all the stance phases through its simulated ankle motion. The Senator Prosthetic Foot does not come already bonded to the foot shell. This provides access to the foot module and increases alignment by make the use of heel wedges simple.
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