Fluorescence microplate reader vSpot Spectrum AID , Autoimmun Diagnostika

Fluorescence microplate reader vSpot Spectrum AID , Autoimmun Diagnostika
vSpot Spectrum

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The vSpot Spectrum is the new high end Fluorospot device from AID. It combines AID iSpot 96-well Fluorospot analysing with enzymatic multiple plate analysing. On the enzymatic side the vSpot Spectrum can cope with a variety of different assay types including Viral Plaque Assays and Neutralisation assays. Due to a genuine optical zoom, versatile stage settings and unique software features this reader is not restricted to the analysis of 96 well formats, instead it can handle 6-, 12-, 24-, 48- well plate layouts as well. The insertion of high resolution digital cameras provides well images of unprecedented quality. The vSpot Spectrum is equipped with an 8 position filter wheel, which allows for a customized selection of up to 8 individual narrow band fluorescent filters, whilst still allowing for our “two click switch,” to perform enzymatic analysis via LED illumination on different plate formats. Features of the AID vSpot Reader Spectrum 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 well format Digital Firewire Camera, 5.2 MP, Color LED Ring Illumination, 7&1 filter wheel 3 narrow band fluorescent filters (FITC and Cy3), a third one of users choice Optimized for 2- and 3-colour analysis. Up to 7 individual fluorescent filters Automated plate input/output module Controlled by a high-end PC-system, incl. TFT screen, DVD burner, printer and external storage media 350 mA @ 230 V - 700 mA @ 110 V
  • Detection mode:fluorescence
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