Automatic colony counter Bac04 MPR AID , Autoimmun Diagnostika

Automatic colony counter Bac04 MPR AID , Autoimmun Diagnostika
Bac04 MPR

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The AID BacSpot Multiple Plate Reader (Bac02 MPR) single plate colony counter and zone sizer was designed for low to medium throughput labs and for assistance of the robotic colony counters. The system can be obtained either as a single reader or in a hardware package together with one of the robotic systems. Plate formats to be analysed can be various, ranging from 60 mm, 90mm and 150 mm round agar plates to a maximum of 10cm x 10cm square agar plates. Analysis time is less than 5 second per plate (incl. user handling), allowing to screen approximately 10 plates per minute. The software carries all the features from the robotic systems making the AID BaC02 an ideal supporting instrument for both of the colony counter robotic systems or as a single plate colony counter in a low throughput lab. The system can be used in: Pharmaceutical Industry (vitamin testing, vaccine testing) Food Microbiology (food testing, milk testing, quality testing) Environmental Microbiology (water testing, air testing) Health care Microbiolgy (antibiotic testing, identification of microorganisms) ...and where ever a fast, validated and accurat automated colony counter and zone sizer is needed.
  • Operation:automatic
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