Flow cytometer / bench-top S3™ Bio-Rad

Flow cytometer / bench-top S3™ Bio-Rad

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This automated benchtop cell sorter comes equipped with a 488 nm, 100 mW laser; two fluorescence detectors; and forward- and side-scatter detectors. The S3 cell sorter uses state-of-the-art ProDrop™ technology for automated drop delay calculation and droplet break-off monitoring, thereby simplifying one of the most complex and error-prone aspects of cell sorting. This affordable cell sorter provides exceptional sort purity without compromising performance and sensitivity. The system is ideal for sorting cells expressing fluorescent proteins such as eGFP, DsRed, mCherry, or for cells labeled with fluorescent markers such as labeled antibodies.
  • Technology:flow
  • Configuration:bench-top
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United States
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