Flow cytometer / bench-top MoFlo™ XDP Beckman Coulter International S.A.

Flow cytometer / bench-top MoFlo™ XDP Beckman Coulter International S.A.
MoFlo™ XDP

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The MoFlo XDP has been known for excellent cell sorting without compromising speed, functionality, and high sensitivity. It is used for those researchers who desire higher productivity using biosafety solutions. The device uses historic sorting reliability while utilizing cutting edge engineering that has resulted to a proven performance. Its open architecture allows for configuration modularity that is compatible to a diverse range of sorting applications. Its optical bench has the capacity to accommodate any laser that will be used during Flow Cytometry. It is also equipped with innovative light detection feature and filter designs that are required of any sorter. Its unmatched electronics makes it capable to identify and sort a cell of interest accurately using higher sort speeds. Cell sorting research has been accelerated to a true 32-bit high resolution with a 5-decade multi-channel system to provide a more accurate sorting of stem cells and rare events. The MoFlo XDP?s fluidic design makes it more robust and proven, qualities which are a critical need for stable droplet formation when it comes to sorting.
  • Technology:flow
  • Configuration:bench-top
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