First-aid medical kit FLEXIFARMA Taumediplast

First-aid medical kit FLEXIFARMA Taumediplast

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FLEXIFARMA: medium first aid kit inorange polypropylene box (250x185x83 mm), screened one colour, provided with: white handle, wall bracket, two revolving closure clips, and containing: two pairs of sterile latex gloves, one 125 ml bottle of 10% Povidone Iodine solution, one 250 ml bottle sterile eye wash solution, one sterile gauze sheet 18x40 cm, three packs 5 of sterile gauze sheets 10x10 cm, one sterile tweezer, one pack cotton wool 50 gr., one pack of 40 assorted plasters in four different sizes, one plaster roll m 5 x2,5 cm, one pair of metal scissors with plastic handles, about 10 cm, one tourniquet, one instant ice pack, one gauze bandage roll 4 m x 10 cm, one waste bag, one contents list with instructions for use. The above contents comply with Italian regulation. Changes to the above list may be carried our according to your requirements.
  • Application:first-aid
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