Transport medical case / ABS SUPERMEDI Taumediplast

Transport medical case / ABS SUPERMEDI Taumediplast

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SUPERMEDI (245x180x95 mm) ABS first aid kit, with the following features: gleaming, ABS gives the case a consistent look, smooth and extremely shock resistant. This box is equipped with transparent glass that is at the bottom in the lid, made ??of polycarbonate, a material much more durable and valuable than all 'ABS and also movable dividers made ??of transparent polystyrene and is present both in the bottom of that cover. This box is provided with wall bracket and with revolving closure clips. It can be hanged on the wall and detached from it, when you need to take the box away. With the opening device 90 ° to briefcase hangs open and there is no danger that the contents fall to the ground, because the bottom of the case can also be used as a worktop.
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