First-aid medical kit 91924 AKLA

First-aid medical kit 91924 AKLA

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With AKLA First Aid kit has always First Aid in place and close at hand. The contents of the bag is designed especially to meet most needs of selfhelp. It is a place for their own articles for special needs. Appropriate use is at the sole work in the forest, line of work or construction work. Excellent also for recreational activities. 91924 Measure: 16x14x7cm Content: Bag 1 for small wounds. 6 Wound swabs 2 dryers 13 patches in different sizes 3 Burn Free in 3.5 g bag 1 First Aid bandage 17 x 17 cm 2 First Aid bandage 7.5 x 12 cm 1 elastic support bandage 4m x 8cm
  • Application:first-aid
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