First-aid medical kit 91470 AKLA

First-aid medical kit 91470 AKLA

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First Aid cushion with a long zipper that goes a bit down on the side - makes the content easily manageable. The content is divided as 1-2 - 3 system © adapted to the nature of the damage and with clear instructions. Art nr 91470 First Aid cushion with a long zipper. Measure: 29x20x7cm. Made of nylon oxford. Content: Bag 1 Small Wounds 6 Wound swabs 2 Dryers 13 patches in different sizes Bag 2 big Wounds 4 Wound swabs 2 Dryer 1 sterile First-17x17cm Bag 3 Extreme Large Wounds 1 Sterile Combi/Pressure bandage 20x20cm 1 gauze bandage Others: Scissors type Lister 14,5 cm Vinyl glove First Aid folder ABC in the Nordic languages. Also available in 7 languages Respiratory sheet with non-return valve
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