Filter microplate 1000 µL AHN Biotechnologie

Filter microplate 1000 µL AHN Biotechnologie
1000 µL

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The AHN Filter Microplate is specially develloped for use in purifications, isolations and separation of biomolecules, particularly DNA/RNA. The AHN Filter-Microplate has a well volume or 1000 µl (1 ml), which is ideal for standard DNA plasmid miniprep chemistries. Specific are the longer drip directors for secure applications without cross-contamination. This new Filter-Microplate is constructed from high grade clear polystyrene and can be delivered with various membranes (filters) for your choice for different applications and can be supplied with standard or your own customer specified microfilter or filter membrane. The standard version with high efficiency glass microfibre filter will retain fine particles down to 0.2 µm. The AHN standard filter media has a very rapid flow rate and an extremely high loading capacity with special long drip directors designed to eliminate well to well contamination during filtration process.
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