External cardiac stimulator PACE 300™ Osypka Medical

External cardiac stimulator PACE 300™ Osypka Medical
PACE 300™

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The PACE 300™ is first in its class in three chamber cardiac pacemakers. Along with a programmable inter ventricular stimulation delay. Additional features include high rate function for rapid atrial pacing this goes up to 1,000 ppm this is adjustable during the application of rapid atrial pacing therapy. The HR emergency stimulation mode activates at (D00, 12 V, 80 ppm, BV) this is done by pressing a button marked EMERGENCY. Check the P/R wave peak amplitudes when you press the button labeled paused. Optional features include automatic adjustment of PVARP, MTR and AV delay depending on the selected stimulation rate. The optional AUTO SENCE function will automatically track the P/R wave peak amplitudes and make adjustments to the ventricular and arterial sensitivities accordingly. This temporary device features a bi-ventricular pacing capacity that has individually programmable ventricular pacing plus sensing channels. Cardiac output, the stimulation parameters are easily setup, the knobs and soft keys are ergonomically designed.
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