External cardiac stimulator PACE 101™ Osypka Medical

External cardiac stimulator PACE 101™ Osypka Medical
PACE 101™

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The PACE 101 single-chamber cardiac pacemaker has been designed for use in patients who need temporary atrial and ventricular pacing. As such the unit is easy to work, durable and lightweight. The device features four rotational dials that can be set up for the individual patient to control frequency, sensitivity, amplitude and pacing mode. The unit runs on a basic stimulation frequency of up 180 ppm and rapid atrial pacing up to 720 ppm. The user is alerted to cardiac events by light emitting diodes on the unit, an optional extra is an audible signal that can also be turned on to alert of cardiac events. The unit automatically keeps track of the battery levels and this is also alerted by a separate LED, and can also be alerted audibly.
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