Enteral feeding set Safety PEG US endoscopy

Enteral feeding set Safety PEG US endoscopy
Safety PEG

Constructed with the clinician's protection in mind, this kit reduces the risk of accidental sharps injuries, while offering all procedural and support components in a convenient manner. 60 cm silicone tube with insertion depth markings 20 FR Kit contains: 1 silicone external bolster, one piece 1 silicone dual port feeding adaptor 1 grasping snare 1 safety scalpel 1 5cc safety syringe 1- 25 gauge x 1" needle 18 gauge introducer safety catheter 1- 10cc plastic 1% Xylocaine ampule 1 stainless steel hemostat 1 nylon coated pull wire 1 stainless steel scissors 1-24" x 36" fenestrated drape 1 triple pack povidone-iodine swabs 4-4" x 4" gauze pads 2 ointment (10% povidone-iodine) 2 lubricating jelly 4-2" x 2" drainage gauze pads 1 triple patient label 1 patient care manual
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