ENT examination chair / electrical / height-adjustable / 3-section F1 FIMET

ENT examination chair / electrical / height-adjustable / 3-section F1 FIMET

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The F1 ENT chair was specially designed for ear, nose and throat examinations. The chair's memory can hold up to eight programmed examination positions. A safe, 24-volt power lift and backrest drive system automatically maneuvres the chair from a low setting of 47cm up to a high setting of 98 cm. The chair can also be set horizontally for the Trendelenburg position. The F1 ENT chair can be rotated 320 degrees or continuously if required. The unique double-articulating headrest allows for nearly unlimited possibilities for adjusting the position of the patient's head. The F1 ENT chair is available in a wide variety of colour options. The unit can be installed using fixed floor bolts, free-standing steel base plate, or on a mobile roller system.
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