Dental treatment unit F1 Continental FIMET

Dental treatment unit F1 Continental FIMET
F1 Continental

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The F1 Continental chair has the largest movement range on the market from the Trendelenburg position up to the 90º/90º sitting up position. The large height adjustment range (43 93 cm) makes it comfortable to use in both standing and sitting positions. The instrument hoses on the F1 Continental are ergonomically located on top of the instrument bridge. The unit rotates 90 degrees, providing for effective use of cabinets, small equipment, suction and PCs. The speed of micro motors is adjustable from 100 rpm upwards. The maximum speed can be limited to 10,000, 20,000 or 40,000 rpm. The speed is shown on the screen. The direction of rotation can be changed into anti-clockwise. Changing the work position for left-handed working is easy and convenient.
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