Electronic humidifier / warming HumiCare® FH series Gründler Medical

Electronic humidifier / warming HumiCare® FH series Gründler Medical
HumiCare® FH series

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HumiCare‘s technology has proven its superiority in thousands of applications. Now we made it attractive also for short-term ventilation. Vision Using disposable humidification chambers for a full month, independent of the number of patients by protecting chamber and patient by a single-patient HEPA-filter. Results Cost per patient: Minimierter Rüst-Aufwand Keine Beeinträchtigung von Beatmungs- und Befeuchtungsleistung Safe Absolute hygienical safety for both patient and user. No danger of overheating; no influence on gas temperature near the patient. Physical barrier for water in case of tilting, overfilling, etc. Compatible Simple upgrade option for all HumiCare® devices – taking less than 2 minutes. Filters for both original HumiCare® tubings and standard tubing.

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