Electrolyte analyzer OPTI® LION™ OPTI Medical Systems

Electrolyte analyzer OPTI® LION™ OPTI Medical Systems

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The new optical mechanism, the OPTI LION Stat Electrolyte Analyzer offers quick and precise results for pH, ionized calcium and electrolytes. It is free from maintenance. Samples of blood, serum and plasma are run on disposable cassettes that are subject to one-time use. Incurring no standby costs, the device accounts for lab quality results. This one-time-use product is used at the time of estimation only and calls for secured locking of wastes inside. The necessity of maintaining is completely ruled out, since this device does not implement the usage of electrodes. Further, it works independently of the system of fluidics, doing away with tubing maintenance. The quality control cassettes of the equipment are reusable, accounting for the eradication of costs which are otherwise incurred while carrying out liquid quality control on regular basis. Besides Cl, K and Na, it also measures ionized calcium and pH. The latter are estimated together with potassium and sodium on the same cartridge featuring one-time usage.
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