Electroencephalography cap MCScap Medical Computer Systems

Electroencephalography cap MCScap Medical Computer Systems

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The MCScap is a textile EEG-recording cap with removable Ag/AgCl-electrodes made for recording electroencephalogram schemes 10-20, 10-10 (modified) and 10-10 (full). MCScap combines the advantages of textile caps with possibility of simple reconfiguration and replacement of bad electrodes. Component parts include the Elastic cap. The cap is made of elastic material that provides the most comfortable fit of the electrodes without additional adjustment and minimizes the number of caps for all possible head sizes. Numerous holes are intended for ventilation and electrode alignment to head. Fixing rings On the cap are provided fixing rings that simplify attachment of the electrodes on the head. Number and location of fixing rings depend of the used scheme (10-20 or 10-10). Each ring has its own marking. Dismountable construction of rings allows to remove the mark for it's cleaning or replacement. Each electrode has its own TouchProof connector, so you can easily replace the bad ones.
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